Perhaps broadcasters [famous or mediocre] should now start regrinding their on-air conduct.  TED FAILON must have broke some horse’s back with his tactless straw this morning when he interviewed in his program an anti-government geologist who infused the air with negative vibes with his allegations towards DPWH.  The interview was too offhanded [and uncomfortable]  that after a break, it was already Jazmin Romero doing the show.  Listeners believe that Failon was literally PULLED out of the booth for such unflattering interview.  If he fails to go on board tomorrow , only then shall his fate be confirmed.  Similarly, Korina Sanchez is still ‘missing’ after an unsavory remark regarding CNN reporter Anderson Cooper’s on-site beats of the Yolanda aftermath in Tacloban City.


pizap.com13847417669661Of course the most rational if not logical action a network can do for its public is to suspend a broadcaster who has instantly gained international notoriety for blundering  the on site reports of CNN’s Anderson Cooper , saying that it was wrong and bordering through the line of lies.  She was promptly relieved from her on air duties in the guise of a leave.  But insiders say that management is utterly disgusted with KORINA SANCHEZ and that they are now considering an option to relieve her for good.  This is not the first demeanor logged on the erstwhile (as gossip mongers tag her) wife of the DILG secretary/former senator Roxas.  She has in the past been noted to have beat the lights out of her kasambahay ; screamed at Filipinos in Rome , among others.  Pinch-hitter Jazmin Romero, announced this morning that ‘Ate Kuring‘ is now in Capiz distributing relief goods to typhoon victims and  “will give sunshine to them”.  But some are skeptical that she is truly in Capiz until they see pictures of her there hauling sacks of rice from a van or building makeshift homes for the unfortunate Capizeños.  There are rumors that Miss Korina Sanchez has left the country and is sipping cocktail now as we post in some Caribbean resort.  Will she bounce back soon and make a public apology to Anderson? That we have to see.



pizap.com13843875296611KORINA SANCHEZ is still the biggest JOKE in the broadcast industry.  She may not have named ANDERSON COOPER but a few of those [who can tolerate] listening to her DzMM program yesterday knew that he was the one being referred to as the ‘blonde reporter of CNN‘ who delivers  ‘mali-maling balita at hindi alam ang sinasabi’.  She was referring of course to Cooper’s assessment of the situation in Post-Yolanda Tacloban. In his tweets, he  appeared indignant with :  “The scene here at the airport is desperate.” “The people in Tacloban have great dignity and deserve better than what they have gotten.” “I have not seen a large Philippine military presence out around here.” “The search and rescue never materialized.” “There are mothers searching for their children, it is a sickening sight five days later.”   All these backed up by his live reports watched by millions all over the world.  People think that the lady is merely defending her husband who is also the DILG secretary and the president himself who came too late to the scene and raved on the blame game he is now very famous for. In fairness to CNN , their reports are far more extensive and feeds are fresh as they come.  Local networks on the other hand are trying to outdo each other with recycled beats.  Sanchez, who is also a domestic helper beater is best known for her glaucoma when it comes to what is the truth. She is also famous for distributing cheap and poor-quality slippers to sectors she blandly calls ‘MAHIHIRAP’.


Sa kumakalat na YouTube video ng Repacol Productions, hindi maiwasan isiping may mga taong hindi gasinong focused sa kanilang trabaho.  Marahil ay hindi agarang napagsabihan si Eric Quizon (ina-update ang sambayanan sa kalagayan ng kanyang amang si Dolphy)  na nakatutok rin sa kanya ang kamera ng GMA7 dahil mukhang kay Korina Sanchez  ng TVPatrol lang siya sumasagot ng katanungan.  Nabalewala ang pagmamarunong ni Mike ‘Nganga‘ Enriquez dahil obvious namang hindi siya naririnig ni Eric.  Twice siyang ‘tinawag’ na “Korina” (As it appears dahil nakahalf-screen sila, parang sila ang nag-uusap) at halatang lalo siyang pumanget sa kanyang mga reaksyon on the other end.  Classic itoh! Super nakakaALIWAN AVENUE!