sinengpambansaMELL T. NAVARRO BEAMS : The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) announces the staging of the “SINENG PAMBANSA (NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) 2013: ALL-MASTERS EDITION”. Twelve of our country’s master directors, each with accomplished body of work (in alphabetical order): TIKOY AGUILUZ, MEL CHIONGLO, MARYO J. DELOS REYES, the tandem of PEQUE GALLAGA and LORE REYES, JOEL LAMANGAN, ELWOOD PEREZ, GIL PORTES, JOSE JAVIER REYES, CHITO ROÑO, and ROMY SUZARA – shall receive seed money of 1.5 million pesos from FDCP (under the Film Investment Program) to fund their respective feature films, utilizing their own material, to be set in their hometowns, such as: AGUILUZ – Davao; CHIONGLO – Quezon; DELOS REYES – Bohol; GALLAGA – Bacolod; LAMANGAN – Cavite; PEREZ – Pampanga; SUZARA – Nueva Ecija. Not sure for PORTES for Quezon also, ROÑO for Samar, and JAVIER REYES for their hometowns.  FDCP Chairman Briccio G. Santos states, with the Masters Edition, officials of the FDCP see this as a means to recognize the artistic contributions of these filmmakers, allowing them to create personal works, as they explore the possibilities of digital filmmaking. Moreover, having them shoot on location in their respective provinces is seen as a boon to regional filmmaking and can serve as a springboard for the promotion of their locales as potential shooting locations and film development. SINENG PAMBANSA (NATIONAL CINEMA) is the FDCP’s flagship program, whose basic mission is to revitalize the Filipino film industry by encouraging and supporting the production high quality films, and by promoting the works of Filipino filmmakers to a wider public through national and international film festivals.  The main theme is “Bringing the Filipino films to Filipinos”, with the aim of instilling pride in our culture and national identity by fostering growth and development of Philippine cinematic arts. These brand new films of SINENG PAMBANSA (NATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) 2013: ALL-MASTERS EDITION will be shown from Sept 11-16, 2013 exclusively in all SM CINEMAS nationwide (with premiere nights a week before in SM MOA)!

The Passion That Drives RICHARD QUAN



The dictionary defines passion as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something. This is the force that drives character actor Richard Quan.  Since his first appearance as the other man in the Reyna Films’ classic Saan Ka Man Naroon? that starred the phenomenal love team of Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, Quan, continues his love affair with show business, with this burning passion that fuels him to offer the finest in all the roles he portrays.

Film aficionados were most impressed with his performance as the tahong vendor father of JM de Guzman, in the Cinemalaya 2012 favorite Intoy Siyokoy.
Quan’s remarkable moment – caught his wife playing fire with another, he backed away quietly from the on-going transgression, crushed and disillusioned, this accidental discovery led to his plummet, a most tragic death that left his son Intoy orphaned.
 This July, Richard is part of another Cinemalaya entry, “The Liars,” written by Senedy Que with multi-awarded film master Gil Portes as director.
 The film is based on a real-life sports scandal that presents the incredible rise and the humiliating fall of an unprivileged Filipino baseball team of young boys in an international baseball competition in the 1990s.
 “I play one of the fathers of the kids na part of the team who has no conscience,” Quan speaks of his role. “Wala siyang pakialam sa mga consequences of his actions.  All he wanted was the glory and the fame, and of course, the money that comes with it.”
“When the offered it to me, I was immediately attracted to the character because portraying a person who, as they say, belongs to the dark side is always challenging,” the actor quips. “Pag kinaiinisan at bwisit na bwisit ang mga audiences with my portrayal, it feels good. It is more fun and fulfilling, honestly.”
 Richard adds, “I am very choosy with the films that I do, I always want them to say something, to impart lessons or at least, make people think, reflect. Dapat they inspire people to change.”
 Other cast members are Jan Harley Hicana, Jim Rocky Tangco, John Michael Bonapos as the kids, with Alessandra de Rossi, Cris Villanueva, Victor Basa, and Arnold Reyes.
 Another very important project that he involved with is “Ang Sugo,” the bio-film about Ka Felix Manalo, the founder and patriarch of Iglesia ni Cristo.
 “It is work and a very big responsibility, that is how I see this project,” Richard states with a smile “I am very proud of this film.” Carrying on, “The whole process of creating a film, there is really no sure formula,kahit may ganoon ka kagandang script, mahusay anf artistic and production staff mo, the outcome, naiiba pa rin.  So, I’m hoping lang na everything will fall into place at magiging one of the best if not the best ang movie ito, and that the public, watches it.”
Richard ends. “In the nearest future I plan to produce. Whether it is a TCV show or a film, my motivation is, it’s not na pagkakakitaan ko lang siya but because, it is socially relevant, it is saying something. It is challenging the status quo. Dapat from the script pa lang, it will stir the passion. Up to this day, that passion in me, is my guide, it drives me to be part of good films and TV projects ”
 “Liars,” under the direction of Gil Portes, is part of CINEMALAYA 2013,  July 26 to August 4, 2013 in CCP theaters, Trinoma, Greenbelt, and Alabang Town Center Cinemas.