pizap.com13773105350701In the light of the pork barrel scam, 90s actress G Toengi floats up like a turd with a story.  She was supposedly invited by a senator [obviously not just a chummy friend] to some chillin’ years back in Los Angeles.  According to her account , she ordered some wine but her date had three shots of LOUIS XIII ; an expensive cognac costing some $350 per.  Truly amazed and perhaps flabbergasted out of her wits; she snided : “Wow, ang sarap naman ng buhay nyo!’  to which the senator acknowledged : ‘Syempre, kaming mga senador may ₱30 million buwan-buwan!’  Now this is one maiden’s tale that can go a long way including a guessing game to fill your days with anger and slight hate unless G names the bloaty law-maker.  But as of this minute, she refuses to squel.  So ,this is our call : GAGA KA G TOENGI, GAGA KA HANGGANG DI MO PINAPANGALANAN ANG TINAMAAN NG LINTIK NA SENADOR NA NAGYABANG SA’YO! AT HWAG KANG PAKALAT-KALAT AT MAY ISANG BAKLANG BAKULAW NA BUBULYAW SA YO!  

Get the drift? Choz.