Glaucomic Curve : NEEDY, SHADY, PITY… PITY!

pizap.com13758429433831This ageing award-winning actress is now being written off by friends like a pesky pest out to suck some plasma out of their wits.  She hasn’t been quite visible for a while after figuring in such scandalous deeds like maltreatment of domestics and waltzing out of a tv set after setting steam in a tantrumic fit.  There are well-placed reports that she has sold her condo in a plush Makati section and is short of declaring bankruptcy.  Well-loved for her faggot-ish voice and conduct, her friends were quick to come to her rescue but it appears that she is in an irreparable situation and all she can do is borrow here, borrow there… borrow money everywhere.  Virago as she is well-known to be, she easily cashes on hundreds of thousands with no possibilities of repayment. Hush-hush talks also send alarming notes that indeed, she has an unmentionable affliction which requires continuing treatment.  She is said to be down to her pits and everybody is trying their best to keep her afloat.  Will this new project with an equally negative character do the trick?