ERWAN HEUSSAFF [with Anne Curtis on the inset]

ERWAN HEUSSAFF [Inset :  with Anne Curtis ]

He is one tough cookie to bite, ERWAN HEUSSAFF is a celebrity in his own terms.  Naturally, every girl and sissy envies Anne Curtis for having him as boyfriend but men also wish to be on  his shoes  if only for being one hot dude about town!  Erwan is by himself a successful yuppie now that he is Esquire Philippines‘  food and drinks editor and a food blogger[The Fat Kid Inside]. A great cook although he never had any formal culinary education, he sure can whip up a dish to Anne’s delight anytime of day.  If he cuts a fine profile and personality that’s his being FrenchFilipino manifesting in all angles.  Showbiz is his playground [being Solenn’s brother] and perhaps one of these crazy days we’ll all wake up to a new leading man in the block!