Glaucomic Curve : ‘THE GUY IS HIS’

pizap.com13808546675531Without prolonging your agony as what our story today is all about, I have to warn you first to smell your skin if you are mapanghi or not! Choz.  A long time friend buzzed me yesterday about this successful tv host/newsreader’s [THN] real sexual identity to which at first I brushed as a malicious swing at his persona.  I was in denial since I secretly had desires on him during his early days on tv.  Dark, tall and boyishly bespectacled, he was perfect for my rainy day siesta!  But wait… as the item is slowly braised into my inner brain, it is suddenly realized that it might just be true since it came from an insider of THN’s household.  The story goes :  As this informer was about to sip her coffee in the confines the dig, she noticed that a now widely popular tv host [too] transvestating at times for laughs emerges from THN’s room!  At first she is starstruck but on second thought she suddenly deducts that she should just keep mum about the whole matter since for the longest time she has seen men coming out of that room anyway!  So, are they partners now or just one-night-standers?  Why? How? Are there any clues? Okey, the closest I can give is that they share the same initials!!!

A Little Trip To The South

An Accidental Pose @ SandBar Resort in Cordova, Cebu

An Accidental Pose @ SandBar Resort in Cordova, Cebu

I am now enjoying the salient charm of the Queen City of the South.  Just a short two week vacation to celebrate my  birthday on August 30.  I am totally oblivious to what is happening beyond my realm and that is fine.  This is what a lot of people my age should do, shut off a world and slip into another for better reasons.  It is such a great joy to mess around with my five year old grandchild Adie and blindly walk the streets of this historic city while pretending to be naive above it all.  Basking in the sun, frolicking in the sand and breathing the Visayan air is a breather I will always cherish and not mind doing again next year…


pizap.com13759314227763GRETCHEN BARRETTO is a name to reckon with.  Of course we are all aware of how she came to stay in our celluloid schemes and smoked our pipedreams like a dragonette addicted to the scent of fame.  Her mistiza allure hypnotized an audience who  at some time were getting nauseous with a certain Cristina Gonzales ; another mistiza who showed the peripherals of her privates in such a titillating way that made young boys touch themselves more than the usual.  GRETA as she was called later, grabbed the ST queen crown  scepter, sash and bouquet and declared Gonzales a goner.  Her affairs with men were mere speculations and when the time was ripe she settled to become the mistress of a playboy/millionaire who sired her  a daughter in his image.  This time , she wracks our family values by warring with her siblings and parents.  If you carefully decipher the codes written on her botoxed face, you will see that the iceberg has melted.  She has exposed immoral secrets and assured the world that the family , as an institution is soluble and worthless if its members are loosely related to the rational prerequisites of society.  At a recent awards night, she smirked and bellowed sarcasm towards inane questions by cretinous reporters who wanted some blood.  GRETA is not a lady.  She has never been one.  Perhaps we should not totally judge her but rather regard her case as someone who has not absorbed the deeper essence of being a woman, a mortal, a citizen, a daughter, a sister, a mother … she has settled for what is easier to achieve and that is being a BITCH.


pizap.com13618456639351 Magpatuloy sa pagbasa