Glaucomic Curve : TWO FAGGY TALES

pizap.com13727406104311Twice upon a god-forgotten time there lived two faggots in a sick industry somewhere east of the orient.  Each had a story to tell but told only in a miasmatic era of lies and fourth-of-truths in a rather fashionable manner as such!  TALE 1.  BURARA FAG.  He is painstakingly being shove into some public thought of denial.  From what it all appears, he is as gay as Xixi Maturan but only to his clique.  He was once rumored to have had relations with a dirty-looking-harlotic comedienne but when things went pffft, the rumor lingered like sweat on the walls of a rundown hotel.  Namumulot siya ng guys at umoorder ng masahista.  Well, that’s his gig, but well-meaning friends have often noticed that he has been missing things ; even valuable ones with no clue as to who picked them.  Minamatud kaya ng mga friends nyang puma-party ng walang patumangga sa kanyang crib o ng mga lalaking labas-masok sa kanyang makasalanang silid?  It appears that he has the habit of  cluttering his world with these valuables for the picking. So, who has the problem? Ikaw! Pakialamera ka kasi!  TALE 2. SELOSANG FAG. High-profile-comedian-fag recently broke up with his basketball star jowa.  He had it coming, really.  The guy is top on the list of  the faggot food chain since word have it that his nota is grandioso and he is oh, so obliging as in chikka lang suming ka man o dumance!.  It so happened that while having a gourmet dinner in the metro with the comedian, the basketball star/hunk  got a call from a very prominent rich baklang paminta.  Kinilig si guy at nang malaman ni vhaklung kung sino at baket ito tumatawag ay  nagwala ito which boiled out into a fight and a declaration of separation.  Insecurity killed the cat and finally gave the blabbering fag his dose… ang sama raw kasi ng ugali ni bakla at kahit na nga sinumpa ng mga fatyollahkhomane, hindi pa rin nagbabago!!!