Glaucomic Curve : OBSESSED FROG

pizap.com13746425325671An indie actor/singer /model is currently warding off demons sent by some cretinous fallen reporter [tabloids  finds him legally insane?] who now maintains a sick blog to milk some trickles of human kindness for his convenience.  Obviously, the abominable faggot-excuse-of-an insect is grotesquely obsessed with the hunky celeb with hopes that  finally one day [after a long period of larding up] the latter will give in to the former’s sexual innuendo.  In his blog, he casually addresses the actor as his ‘papa’ ; and insinuate that indeed there is something going on between them… EoooooW???   Being a gentleman and well-bred, the poor guy has been accommodating  the pest but lately has become quite uncomfortable and he is starting to see a bigger picture.  He is slowly realizing that he is a sitting duck and an easy target for sociopaths.  It seems that the ‘papa’ tag afforded him meant that every time they met he was obliged to generously ‘pay’ for the patronizing blog posts written in his honor .  There are lots of pesky characters like this sick blogger who fleece for a living and the sad part is, their world gets smaller everyday and they end up being ostracized for being spiritually ugly! BEWARE!




Celso Ad Castillo , 1943-2012

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