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zsazsa’s unchanging love

zsazsa(1)After she sang her favorite song “Nasasaktan,” ZsaZsa Padilla went down the stage and headed straight to where I sat. This happened during the launching of “Unchanging Love” CD under PolyEast Records at Discovery Suites. She asked if I liked the song to which I replied positively. She then asked if we’ve met seven years ago. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

Bobby Gonzales, D’Original OFW

bobby-gonzalesHis sexuality was never exposed to the public: there were no scandals, no screaming headlines. But it reeked of capital G, as in Gonzales.

Let’s play a game! I declared to my assistant Lynn, who was born in 1975. OK, name the singer of this song. I cleared my throat, and in my signature atonal range sang, “O ang babae pag minamahal/ May kursunada Aayaw ayaw…” Easy, she quipped, Apo Hiking Society! I felt as if a baby grand piano had landed on my head and broken my cranium in half. In a fentosecond (a million times faster than a nanosecond!), I tried to regain my composure, clutched my chest, and with a deep breath I whispered through my nostrils, Bobby Gonzales. Bobby who? she asked. Bobby Gonzales sang it. What song? she asked again. The song I was singing a while ago, I said with growing exasperation. Go back to work. Magpatuloy sa pagbasa


A recent piece on new OPM CDs brought about these comments. This one came from vicONGASis: I wrote, “If you are still skeptical about a rosy future for OPM then a listen to these new releases might cause you to change your mind.” Magpatuloy sa pagbasa

nina’s hard learned lesson on relationships : ‘huwag magpautang’

ninaSoul Siren Nina revealed on Showbiz News Ngayon last Tuesday night (February 17) that her ex-boyfriend, singer Nyoy Volante, still owes her P1.4 million even after their break-up. “I’m not here to step on their pride, (or) to ruin Nyoy’s career. I’m just here to clear myself up.” Nina said that she and her mom are filing an estafa case against Nyoy and his mom because they failed to honor the signed agreement that Nyoy’s camp should pay what they owe on an installment basis.The female singer explained that suing Nyoy’s camp would not have been necessary had they followed what was stated in the papers. Nyoy reportedly borrowed P600,000 from Nina in January 2005 and they were not even a couple at the time. “His mom needed the money daw, pero siyempre hindi ko na inalam talaga kung saan gagamitin,” Nina recalled. “Ang pinaka-explanation lang talaga niya sa akin is, he had to come up with that sum of money to invest in some kind of stock to get interest. Naging kami after a week or so.” Nyoy allegedly promised to pay her a week after but it never happened. “Actually, sobrang vague na ‘yung pagkaalala ko, ang naisip ko, bakit nga ba hindi na ako nabayaran nung time na ‘yon?” When they got together, Nyoy allegedly borrowed money again from Nina on many occasions, until the total his debt reached to more than a million. “Pero binibigyan naman niya ko ng tseke na postdated,” Nina confessed. Their relationship eventually ended but Nyoy wasn’t able to completely pay for his debts. “Nung naghiwalay kami, sabi ko, ‘Paano pala ‘yung money na hiniram mo sa akin?’ Sabi ni Nyoy, ‘Sasabihin ko sa mommy na bayaran ka na.’ Hindi na kami nag-usap and I left it all up to my mom. Hindi naman sana aabot sa demandahan or whatever kung nakiki-cooperate naman sila sa mom ko,” she shared. In 2007, Nina received a postdated check from Nyoy’s camp with the entire amount of their debt, but it bounced when Nina bought it to the bank. In 2008, Nina had Nyoy’s camp sign an agreement saying that they will pay P50,000 monthly until the amount they owe her will be paid in full. Nyoy managed to give Nina P200,000 in cash as the first payment but their second one, a check amounting to P50,000 bounced once again. “Na-shock ako. Totoo ba ito? Kasi alam naman nila kapag nag-bounce ulit ‘yung check nila, estafa na talaga ‘yung pwedeng mapa-file sa kanila. Wala na kaming magagawa but to file a case,” Nina said. When SNN host Kris Aquino asked Nina if she felt used by Nyoy, she replied, “Hindi ko masasagot ‘yan, kasi hindi ko alam.” Nina clarified in the end that she and Nyoy did not break up because of a third party or the money he owed her. When asked about the moral lessons she has learned from her relationship with Nyoy, she answered. “Huwag magpautang and to love myself more than I love the person.” chismisan.com