Luke Conde, 24, may not have won the title as It’s Showtime’s Gandang Lalake but has created waves in social media when his name got a spot in the top trends of the day, even after he failed to make it to the Top 5.

Luke, dubbed as Graphic Artist ng Batangas, made it to the Top 15, among 58 candidates. When he won in the daily round, he topped the local and worldwide trends on twitter. When he was showcased as a semifinalist, his name again appeared in the twitter trends, making everyone believe that he is a shoo-in to the finals.

But not making it to the Top 5 has not diminished his dreams of making it in local showbiz, especially with the messages of support he is receiving from social media. He now appears in one of the running Nescafe commercials and is hoping to land roles on television and in movies. He has also done roles on stage and has shown that he has talent which perfectly matches his good looks.

He dreams of making it big, to be able to give a better life to his mom. Admittedly a Mama’s boy, his dreams for his mom and his family propel him to work hard and achieve his goals.

“Lahat ito, para sa Mama ko. Hindi kami mayaman, unlike what others think. Pinalaki ako nang mahusay ng Mama ko, at ibinabalik ko lang ang lahat ng ito para sa kanya, and of course, to glorify God who gave me the talent and the looks,” says Luke.

He has more to offer, and he has created raves. There is no stopping Luke Conde, especially that he is under the wings of ONQ Talent Management & Marketing Services headed by no less the glamorous YOYAH QUIZAN!

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