XIXIFACEALIWANIt not basically our concern that some people have idiosyncrasies and all.  Ok lang yon. We all have naman davah.  But what can scrape our skin are those who persists in our midst and scandalize our own conservative selves in a rather unflattering way.  Such is this actress who is the queen of hush-hush in industry.  Hush-hush kasi hindi naman siya ganun kasikat but her notoriety as a practicing nymphomaniac is  a known fact.  For the longest time [and space?] she fancies hunk bit players, stuntmen , service drivers and even shooting onlookers.  She takes the real initiative of luring them to her side and take them home for a round of erotic applause.  Nobody is complaining because she makes sure that everything is in order at walang nalalamangan or nadedehado.  She’s like 60ish na if you’re not mistaken.  She has this daughter who seems to be right on her toeline.  Sired by a rich businessman [meron bang poor businessman?] , the girl is well-kept and has been tagged as a socialite of sorts.  She does exclusive lavish parties with her supposed kind and the world is all roses.  Until she suddenly gets pregnant.  Oh well fine.  But, the thing there is there has been a confusion as to who is her child’s father.  She has allegedly had casual sex too many with different men that it is now a witch-hunt as to who really is the father.  Oh, well haven’t they heard of DNA test? Lately, an import model revealed that he is indeed the papa , but is that a fact or a let-me-grab-the-limelight-for-two-seconds? We will never know.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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