AiAi's Latest Conquest : GERALD SIBAYAN

AiAi’s Latest Conquest : GERALD SIBAYAN

In a flick of a kulangot, GERALD SIBAYAN is a name to reckon with agad.  Why not naman? He has been proclaimed to be the latest boytoy of not-so-funny-comedienne AI-AI DELAS ALAS.   The guy, este boy is just bente anyos while your ate Ai-Ai is way on her mid-50s [not 49 as we are all made to believe].  So what is with the out from the cold announcement? Wala lang.  Kung shushunga-shunga ka hindi mo kilala si Ai-Ai.  She has to make ingay since after crying a river and filling the sea with her filthy tears over her last huthutan episode with a man ; kailangan namang fresh as the morning Tagaytay breeze ang kanyang kulukadidang.  Gerald is a badminton player from LaSalle and is said to be a friend of the aging aktres-aktresan [let’s face it pinaghalong ham/cheese/bacon aktor ang dating ni Ms delas Alas].  The guy is good looking but it is evident that he has this mother-complex about him.  Not-so-malicious talks have it that Ai-ai specifically had to try her tightened vajeyjey if it would be appealing to a younger junk… malamang naman noh? Ask Dr Belo.  So what are we to expect from this lavamvalav affair? Wala. Hindi naman tayo kajoin sa chukchakan nila at kapag pinagsawaan ni AiAi ang notes ni bagets… expect another tv event with her oily baba shimmering like a fake gem!

Gerald & AiAi : So Sweet!

Gerald & AiAi : So Sweet!

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