Austria & Bautista : Not TOO Funny

Austria & Bautista : Not TOO Funny

This may come as a late reaction.  So much has been said and both stories have found its saturation point which may simply mean that this post is an echo of sorts while trying to veer toward a more unrealistic scale of their true value.

While we were all flinching from the shocking death of ROBIN WILLIAMS, perceived to be one of the greatest comedy stars to have ever lived; we are jolted by a certain JOBERT AUSTRIA or ‘Kuya Jobert’ [as he is said to better known as] who attempted to jump off the 6th floor of Sogo Hotel along Quezon Avenue in Quezon City.  He did not leap out into the waiting pavement but instead was hauled out of the ledge and to the police station.  His story is gooey and it is construed that he was having a nervous breakdown.  Allegedly according to him some people were out to kill him and even identified the leader to be the estranged  Canada-based husband of his current girlfriend. Frazzled and almost out of his wits, after a few days nothing has been heard about him.  Was he just trying to catch attention with the intention of becoming a trending name on Twitter and elsewhere?  There have been talks that the guy had been brought ‘back’ to a rehab center to ease him out of his substance dependence and abuse.  Over some weekend after Jobert’s foiled suicide show, RAMON BAUTISTA got the flak after he supposedly called the women of Davao City ‘HIPON’ during his segment at a  Kadayawan event.  A ‘hipon’ himself, he must have tried to humor the crowd for the sake of humoring them.  HIPON is a common term used to describe a person who has a great body but is not good-looking… HIPON tapon ULO… just like HIPON where the body is succulent and delicious but the head thrown or mortared for soup flavor.  Offended, the Duterte’s did not take the joke likely; they demanded an apology from the erring comedian and when they found it INSINCERE, he was stamped with a PERSONA NON GRATA mark on his face and will never be welcome to DAVAO as long as it is not withdrawn by the city government.  Sometimes, we really should be very cautious with comes out of our thoughts and into our mouths especially if for the sake of a laugh we unconsciously offend a greater spectrum of sensitivity! Touche.

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