Makinig ka Pnoy sa Boss mong nakaLeopard Leggings!

Makinig ka Pnoy sa Boss mong nakaLeopard Leggings!

Glenda was a nasty visitor.  Her path varied as she approached to make landfall in Rapu-Rapu, Albay and was supposedly doing a north-south-west track which meant that the rest of southern Luzon and MetroManila ,;some parts of northern Visayas and central Luzon will experience almost 150KPH of wind and rain.  True enough, by midnight of July 17, she was howling and roaring and ravishing the environs of Laguna where I have settled for almost 28 years now.

  A lull occurred sometime at 4am but by 530, the fury returned and lasted for almost 4 hours! Power went off and the only connection I had with what was going was a radio.  Water supply also stopped, due to inability of pumping stations to flush water into the pipes without electricity.  It was a good thing that I anticipated the event ; my phones were fully charged [which lasted a day and half, then I had to recharge in the car], my three drums were filled, and we cooked food to last for the longest time [or until we got tired of them]; our distilled water supply was impeccable [?].  It was indeed another natural phenomenon that reminded us of our vulnerability as mortals.  At least our house survived without scratch; vegetation debris were abundant as expected.  After 6 days of darkness, electricity in our area was restored.  Then, another unnatural phenomenon had to happen yesterday… Pnoy’s SONA.

It was the usual blabber about development and national recovery [ano raw?], I was expecting him to make a 360 degree turn from what we all deemed his conduct would be, but no.  No, he did not apologize to the nation about the unconstitutionality of DAP ; an apology that would come with a call for a united effort as to how he will be able to flick off the muddled parts of his presidency.  Arrogance subliminally eroded his moment ; he should have addressed the negativistic quotient with compassion and a pure appeal to the Supreme Court to walk him through the controversy.  Frankly, his dimwitted and ill-advised tagliner ‘DAANG MATUWID’ is sickening.  He must have not realized that NO ONE is capable of FIGHTING CORRUPTION… dapat hindi nilalabanan ang korapsyon kundangan ay masusing pag-aralan ito upang magkaroon ng malawakang reyalisasyon kung paano ito maiiwasan sa isang lipunang pinamamahayan nito for the longest time!

Huwag na siyang pagtangkaan pang i-EMPEACH, nararapat lamang na tanggapin niya na siya ay natisod sa isang pangyayaring sangkot ang irregularidad ng pagpakawala ng salapi mula sa kabang-bayan.  Pag may time [at kahit wala] , yumuko ka rin Pnoy dahil mayroong kasabihan : ‘Ang tumayo ng matayog, sa kisame’y mabubukulan’ !  Meron bang ganung kasabihan? Choz.



By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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