The Controversial IG Post [DELETED]

The Controversial IG Post [DELETED]

Nobody would have known that VILMA SANTOS aka Batangas Governor Vilma Santos-Recton was somehow grammatically challenged until the  PERSONAL accompanying  note she sent with a box of pastries to Kris Aquino surfaced on the latter’s Instagram feed.

It was a PERSONAL thought sent to a particular person and NOT to the rest of the world.  It was a heartfelt message that must have been honestly written for a friend ; yet it was seen by the almost 1M IG followers of  Aquino.  What went  through Aquino’s  mind  when she decided to take a clear shot of the note is beyond reproach taking into consideration that the sender is a respected celebrity.  She [Aquino] must have chuckled upon reading  the note that had two distinct errors : ‘bless’ , which would have been in its past tense;  and the word ‘truly’ erroneously written as ‘truely’.  Soon after  it was posted on IG, the poor Ate Vi was surged  with unsavory statements from bashers that  were literally demeaning and hurtful.   Aquino promptly deleted the photo and graciously sent her apologies to the governor; but then,  damage has been done and a lot of people have been affected by the post. Vilma  must have hurriedly scribbled the note and did not mind to proofread it since it was a personal note and did not anticipate  that Aquino was going to take a shot of the gift and her not and eventually  publish it.  Aquino might have thought that it was okey to publish the photo to show the world that even a Vilma Santos, with all that she has made of herself through the years in showbusiness and politics lacks the basic rudiment of word usage and construction.

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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