Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Our generation has luck on our side.  Luck to have a woman in our midst who is  made of brilliant steel and of  a beautiful mind.  SENATOR MIRIAM DEFENSOR-SANTIAGO may look as mortal as of all us in every possible angle but in truth she could possibly  be supernatural creature sent from another time and  space to grace the worse  of our times and the best of  perceived intentions.  

She had been mocked and ridiculed for her rather unworldly pronouncements and actions but as  always at the end of the day she delivers an acceptable logical explanation in her own peculiar way.   The mastery that she has with the law is utterly awesome; there isn’t possibly a chance for her to not only declare what is promptly correct and infallible.  I have always been intrigued with her and made  sure that I did not  miss a single piece of news item involving  her.  So far the good senator never fails to amaze me.  Yesterday, on an exclusive presscon , she declared that she was recently diagnosed to be a 4th stage lung cancer patient.  She said this without batting an eyelash and even humored herself about the whole matter.  She  assures  everyone though,  that she is confident  this too will pass and even volunteered that her doctors informed her that her system was capable of producing warrior cells to  fight the  cancer cells.  Does this mean that she can also order her own body to overcome a  potentially lethal disease? Now, that is just truthfully amazing!  I said a little prayer for her and could not help to shed a tear to cleanse my worries and ease her away from her present state of health.  We shall all be anticipating that special day after six weeks when she will finally announce the effect of the medication  [she is on a pill and not on chemotheraphy]that  hopefully will be a positive.  One thing more, she has assured everyone that she is bent into declaring her Presidential Candidacy come 2016!  That’ll be the day!  Get well soon Madam Senator!

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