ALJUR ABRENICA : Hello Kapamilya?

ALJUR ABRENICA : Hello Kapamilya?

He is  endowed with a delectable physical shell.  But then in this business, a pretty face is not enough to which he fairly qualifies.  Ham as he is, and even after a load of acting workshops he maintains the woody essence of every role.

 Lately , he figured in a continuing controversy wherein he broke up with his showbiz royalty girlfriend Kylie Padilla not without a sinewy afterthought since it also involved the break up of another showbiz couple, Geoff Eigenmann and Carla Abellana.  All these due to his tactless feat of painting malice that allegedly Kylie and Geoff were getting amorously attached while doing a fantasy drama series on their home network.  The situation got offhand with his on cam utterances and innuendo that after a while all four of them were sucked into his indiscretion.  Over the weekend, although his name was not mentioned both Robin Padilla and Gina Alajar spew some unsavory remarks about him.  It all sums up to the real reason:  Aljur and his mermaid costar have been playing sweet music and that he wanted to pin his break up Kylie.  This is a clear indication that his lack of real acting skills is an endemic deficiency that zeroes into his cerebral process.  With all these behind his back, he is now uneasy in the confines of the network that plucked him out of anonymity and is now toying on the idea of leaping out and into a neighboring network.  If this is true, he might as well ready himself with harsh criticisms especially that the station is known for the fine performances of their stable of actors.

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