Why Not and When?

Why Not and When?

It was an indignant weekend for Nora Aunor followers and the rest of industry hangers-on as once again the SUPERSTAR was not on the officially released list of this years roster of  National Artists by the NCCA.  Malacanang is silent on the issue perhaps for obvious reasons of not having to deal with might be considered as a blatant disregard for Nora Aunor’s value and importance in contemporary Philippine culture. 

Her non-inclusion once again revived speculations that she simply does not personify in her personal [private] self the much ballyhooed requisites that embodies what a national artist should be.  Indeed we cannot simply undermine the growing subtle scream of fellow artists and a wide mass of audience who patronize local cinema that IT IS about time that Aunor be granted the honor that she deserves.  This is all backed by a reputable bulk of body of work which she spurned in her over 40 years in the business starting off as winner of a national singing contest.  If there is no question about that anymore, what is questionable now is WHY , for the longest time has she been ignored ?  The only logical move this government can do right now is to explain to the public , point after point why the SUPERSTAR of Philippine Movies NORA AUNOR once more did not make the cut!


  1. Sa true lamang tamang di maging National Artist si Nora Aunor. I agree na dapat me moral standards in declaring a National Artist. While body of work is important as a criteria, important din that the artist has led an exemplary life na worth emulating, In Nora’s case she has been notorious for her drug, alcohol and gambling problems. Not to mention some perverted sexual exploits. She may be an Artist indeed but to be a NATIONAL ARTIST? am sorry she does not make the grade!

  2. All great artists/people have their share of loopholes…. Example: Rizal = Drunk and playboy = National Hero…Picasso = Drunk=Polygamist=world renowned…. Heck even Saints are… the point is having an exemplary life doesn’t mean you have to be perfect in all aspects of your life that people may emulate you. Can’t we just look past the “humanity” of someone and give them what they deserve… Like what we did with our heroes and saints… they are nearly perfect but they did one thing in perfection… we are not talking about giving Nora “NATIONAL HERO WORTH OF EMULATING AWARD”… we are talking about NATIONAL ARTIST AWARD… Keyword “ARTIST”…. Give her a break… We are being overly dramatic in giving mainstream artists this award that some needed to die before we realize they deserve this award….Validate someone while they still live, they need it… Maraming Issue dito eh isa na rito ang masyadong Iniisip kung kabilang ba ang isang artist sa tinatawag na “High Art” class bago bigyan ng pagkilala… Malaking B.S. ANo mang porma o hugis ang sining ay sining…

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