xixihammockaliwanaveAs always while we take this journey through life not just with those in our immediate environs and relations but also with celebrities ; we should always try our very best not to be judgmental. 

An ongoing sibling-drama-cum-mystery-thriller may all appear to be putting the flame on the face of the youngest one, but there could be a real story behind the bickering and court cases.  There are supposedly UNSEEN players in this game of deceit and name-calling; players who sit well right on the ledge of the public eye!  Let us call her Y… as in the ‘youngest one’.  She has been hurled with accusations of drug use and being a harlot around town which many were made to believe.  These accusations are so demeaning that it isn’t surprising that she is scaling her teeth and nails to battle out her own sisters.  Truth is, as very reliable sources swear; what she said about her estranged husband [who we will call as A, as in Action star] were not manufactured and that her nightmare keeps on repeating and repeating on a loop on her thoughts.  A is in fact a ketamine addict; supplied to him by a prominent aesthetic guru! Allegedly, there are high placed personalities who are all out to make her appear as a real life kontrabida.  She has collated all possible evidence to pin down those who are after her neck and all are ready to find their day in court soon.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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