JEFF LANGAN : The Latest Underwear Model Sensation

JEFF LANGAN : The Latest Underwear Model Sensation

Overnight sensations are now quite hard to find. Only if you are extraordinarily gifted with an awesome charm quite hard to resist would you reckon.  But wait, there is this guy who is making rounds in the underwear industry who NOW is suddenly as hot as last summer but with a twist. 

His FilAm mold in a 6’1″ package perfectly fill any impending void in a world where sexy is heavenly.  Although it is rumored that he is the latest boytoy of  a tactless but prominent guru of idiot’s wisdom; we can only wish that this isn’t true! That woman is a maneater and every single guy she fancies end up struggling for sanity after a while.  Anyway JEFF LANGAN looks reasonably cool and surely he has his values intact to guide him through the mindless but fabulous journey he is taking in the local scene.

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