MERCEDES CABRAL on ANGELI BAYANI’S WINNING : "Miss Angeli Bayani did an amazing job on her part that’s why she won."

MERCEDES CABRAL on ANGELI BAYANI’S WINNING : “Miss Angeli Bayani did an amazing job on her part that’s why she won.”

When ANGELI BAYANI’s name echoed through the Dolphy Theater at last night’s 37th Gawad Urian awards, the indie world rejoiced and for one felt great for her.  Her triumph over a respectable list of co-nominees firmly declared that indeed the Philippine movie scene is now being dominated by fresh acting bloods and there was no stopping the trend now.

  Mercedes Cabral , Angeli’s chummy friend was quick to react when slants on the latter’s victory were obliqued on print  with the edging out of senior established stars in the race.  Cabral, best remembered for her nonchalance and risque film outings isn’t just a pretty head after all; a product of UP Dilliman, she sure can munch a mouthful with clear and honest-to-goodness conviction.  You figure!  MERCEDES CABRAL writes [from her FB status]: I just read in an article “Tinalo ng isang indie actress ang Superstar na si Nora Aunor at ang Star for All Seasons na si Vilma Santos” so people really expect Miss Nora Aunor or Miss Vilma Santos to win because Nora Aunor is Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos is Vilma Santos? Yes I know they are icons in the Philippine Cinema but it doesn’t mean that they HAVE to win. I’m pretty sure everyone did an excellent job portraying their characters but Miss Angeli Bayani did an amazing job on her part that’s why she won. I’m not saying this because she’s a friend,I’m just stating the facts here. And what’s up with these titles anyway? Yung mga Superstar, Star for All Seasons,Diamond Star, Mega Star,Indie Prince/Princess,Indie King/Queen,Box Office King/Queen, etc. WHAT ARE THESE? I really don’t get it? Dito lang sa Philippine Showbiz Industry ang merong ganyan e. Para saan itong mga titles na ito? At SINO nagbibigay ng mga titulo na ito and for what???To measure who is better than the other? Paano mo maikukumpara ang Superstar sa Star for All Seasons at ang Mega Star? Sige nga.. And I’m not talking about the people represented here,I’m talking about the title and the word itself. Someone asked me in an interview “what does it feel like that you are named the Indie Princess/Queen?” I just laughed and said “um..kung ano pakiramdam ko kahapon at nung isang araw,ganon pa din pakiramdam ko ngayon at sa titulo na yan.Wala naman nabago e.Salamat!” Because its stupid,funny and doesn’t help anyone ok? It won’t change the world and definitely won’t cure cancer,its just plain stupid but its something that won’t change anymore I guess.
WE are Actors and its just a JOB. WE are no better than Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Secretaries, etc. The only difference is we are exposed to people more than these awesome guys because its part of our job, to entertain and to tell stories but come on guys,its just a job.
So to all nominees and winners of Gawad Urian, Congratulations!! You guys are Awesome and just keep on sharing and telling stories!! 😛
I’m SO SURE may magrereact sa post ko na “bitter siya kasi wala pang award yan..” or “hindi naman kasi siya sikat kaya siya ganyan..” at kung ano-ano pa but All I can say to that is Foxtrot Yankee with a big gorgeous smile on my face! Go figure. 😊

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