For Obvious Gross Reasons The Photo Is Negative!

For Obvious Gross Reasons The Photo Is

Somewhere along the way I read that Kris Aquino was qouted as saying ‘SILENCE IS BETTER THAN BULLSHIT’.  What she was driving at is quite vague now that it has also been used as supposedly her reaction to Senator Bong Revilla’s rant against her president-brother. But then, all along I thought it was her IG photoretort to the Bandila interview with Herbert Bautista who bluntly chose his kids and NOT her on national television.  Alin ba talaga?  For the longest time, I refrained from posting anything on Aquino but this time I was taken aback since BULLSHITting is a serious matter.  Bullshit is crap, it is smelly and often found in pasture fields.  Bullshit is ebs ng baka and in my book cow manure is great for plants.  It makes the leaves greener and at times lets hallucinogenic mushrooms grow on them.  Silence is a virtue that should never be used to parallel crap.  Silence is a choice and nobody has been sentenced to death for being silent.  So if a person opts to blow minds with statements to fill a cavity of decayed values, it is something that should not be taken as an offense.  Why is Kris Aquino suddenly insinuating that anything unpleasing  related to her person should be put into a mute mode? She might just be making patuchada [which is a family tradition, by the way] and require people to pick up from there; but then  that is not what is expected from people with urbanidad.  If at a notch, a person should be reprimanded [for torching a relationship beyond recognition] then make it a spectacle to see the end of it.  Yes, bullshit is better than KRIS AQUINO for obvious reasons.  And if you noticed she has grown too gross in her conduct and whenever she is in conversations she would make sure that everyone else will appear like morons to her stale remarks that pleases her and she alone.  We should also remind ourselves sa bawa’t araw na ginawa ng Diyos na ang isang Kris Aquino ay buhay na pagpapaalala na ang yaman at inpluwensya ay sapat upang maging isang artista ang isang taong lubhang matindi ang saltik ng katinuan at ang talent ay kinakalap sa hangin. You could just imagine how unfortunate we are all na ipagduduldulan ng kanyang network ang kanyang pagiging talunan sa pag-ibig samantalang ang dali lang namang bumili ng ligaya sa kanyang istatura.  How can we also not be so annoyed with her whining at pagpapakawala ng mga IDIOT’S WISDOM [na nahawaan yata niya mula kay Abunda]… IF SILENCE IS BETTER THAN BULLSHIT, THEN BULLSHIT IS BETTER THAN KRIS AQUINO BECAUSE SHE SOOOOO NOISY!

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