A MerNel's Cake Travels From Los Baños To Greet LANCE RAYMUNDO On His Birthday And Thanksgiving Celebration!

A MerNel’s Cake Travels From Los Baños To Greet LANCE RAYMUNDO On His Birthday And Thanksgiving Celebration!

June 4 is a very special day for LANCE RAYMUNDO, but this year it is also a day of thanksgiving after the tragedy he figured in has come to pass.  Of course, he has been trending for almost four months now and his story has been repeatedly told on print and on air. It sure has vitalized his popularity but for Lance, the experience has become a mystical reawakening and he feels like the ‘old’ person rebooted for some reason or another.  As a result of the  accident, he is now an advocate for gym safety and is geared to vigilantly go for its cause.  The party was a breeze.  Lance, together with his parents and brother Rannie, welcomed their guests with a certain warmth that everyone felt like family.  Gloria Maris that night exuded with a  glow of togetherness not often experienced in the usual showbiz gatherings.  Kudos to his manager SHANDII BACOLOD together with YOYAH QUIZAN who painstakingly made sure that every strand of the event sat right on its place.  Spotted were press people Pilar Mateo, Ricky Calderon , Mell T. Navarro among other network crews and bloggers.  Of course , his MSB family , MERCEDES CABRAL, SUNSHINE TEODORO, ISSA LITTON, JAZMIN TRINIDAD,XIXI MATURAN and new actor JOMARI ANGELES together with ALDRIN JALANDONI, ROMA OYSON, GERALD DIAMA , ZANDER ALIH and JELL CORDIAL were there to give him a solid support. Also spotted were directors ATO BAUTISTA and ELWOOD PEREZ, et al.The night was punctuated with a presscon where he once and for all assured everyone that he was well on his way to a full recovery.  Indeed, in one’s life some unfortunate events occur but the best part is not drowning on it but rather rising from it’s odds!lanceparty1 lanceparty2 lanceparty3 lanceparty4 lanceparty5 lanceparty6

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