angbagongdugoIt has been years since we last raised our glasses to toast an action star.  Too long ago actually to remember the name, the face and the movies they made.  Of course, you can google them for heaven’s sake but let us just try to play clean and rely upon our memory.  Action heroes. Action stars. Hmmm… of course we had in the 60s and 70s Jess Lapid Sr., [also Jr] , Bernard Belleza, Tony Ferrer, Roberto Gonzalez, Ramon Zamora, Ramon Revilla Sr., [and Jr]… of course the proclaimed king for consistently and efficiently maneuvering his career: FERNANDO POE JR.  Then of course we had in the 80s the likes of Rudy Fernandez, Bong Revilla, Dante Varona, Jess Lapid Jr., Rey Malonzo, Cesar Montano and a host of others who were then eclipsed in the 90s by Joko Diaz, Ace Espinosa, Raymart Santiago, among those who managed to gain solo starrers and cult following.  The new millineum which forged hollywood’s filmic supremacy left the local film industry in the brink of uncertainty which resulted to the sluggish enthusiasm of local producers to churn out more films of local color.  Star Cinema reigned and the best of our celluloid days are filled with cheese and synthetic film products.  I can babble on but even if I did, I am just a two-cent advocate willing to lift only three fingers for comfort.  I am not to implicate a macrocosmic innocence into my glaucomic outlook in my showbiz life. If I ever have one.

Of late, I received an invitation to view an action film produced by  3J’s Film and Entertainment Production to which I gladly obliged since it stars JOEM BASCON, one enigmatic guy who has exhibited his finery in several films and has consistently been a reliable talent when it comes to powercasting.  This time he is totally the essence of Val Iglesia’s ‘ANG BAGONG DUGO’, taunted to be Bascon’s launching vehicle as an ACTION STAR.  The action opus which generically rely on a vengeance clause, is absolutely the actor’s film.  He effortlessly slip slides into his scenes without having to smear his handsomeness yet seemingly threatening to banish anyone who blocked his way in his journey to seek justice for his father who was assasinated right before his eyes when he was a child.  Most of the film’s substantial scenes were shot in a provincial jail and Bascon’s character sailed dynamically through all the travails until the final scene.  Definitely, it is righteous to say that Val Iglesia’s perfectly found the right actor to usher in a new era in Philippine Action Movies.  As a veteran fight instructor and action film director, Iglesia  honed Bascon into the mold to which his predecessors were made from and all we can do now is support ANG BAGONG DUGO in order to inspire its producers and other people in the industry to come up with more films of a genre that shaped our current industry to what is now!

ANG BAGONG DUGO also stars Mark Gil, Monsour Del Rosario, Dick Israel, Roi Vinzon, Alma Concepcion, Efren Reyes Jr., Alvin Anson, Levi Ignacio, Ely Almares, introducing Alexis Navarro, “Milagring” Baldondo, and Ian Ignacio.

Associate Director: Boy Roque, Executive Producer: Ross Brian Gonzales, Assistant Director: Charita “Ninay” Castinlag, Director of Photography / Editing: Jay Ramirez, Assistant Editor: Joe Blachica, Screenplay: Angelito San Jose. Production Manager: Ritchie Alerta and Jose Boy Male, Gaffer: Jhef Veloso, Cam Operators: Imee Ablaza, and Joseph Pereira, Musical Director: Doy Ongleo, Marketing Director: Jovie Dayon



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