IAN IGNACIO as 'Victor' in 'ANG BAGONG DUGO' Showing JUNE 18 Nationwide!

IAN IGNACIO as ‘Victor’ in ‘ANG BAGONG DUGO’ Showing JUNE 18 Nationwide!

So my special 4-event Sunday tale continues now as I start raving about Val Iglesia’s ‘ANG BAGONG DUGO’ indie action flick which is also JOEM BASCON’s baptism of fire in becoming the next most exciting action hero of this generation.  I am saving my thoughts on Joem for now or just before it’s nationwide screening which is on JUNE 18.  In the meantime allow me to introduce  you to one actor who struck me as ‘Victor’ on ABD when I attended its premiere/presscon last May 25.  As I was clueless who he was, I nevertheless flagged my memory for a quick recall but to no avail.  I doubted that he was a newbie since he effortlessly got me with his guileless performance as the scheming, double-faced, confused, power-hungry sidekick of Mark Gil’s ‘Supremo’ character.  His eyes rolled, squinted and blared exuding emotions that were packed with the badly needed nuance for each of his scenes.  Tall and sleek, he kicked and boxed like it was his first nature not to mention his quick reactions which were totally unpredictable.  Perfectly casted, his role would have paled had it been assigned to somebody else. I feel like I am rambling now [as if you didn’t notice] and I saved his name for last. He is a sportsman being a renowned  golfer and the son of veteran action character actor Levi Ignacio; that is all that I know of him at the moment.  Remember his name : IAN IGNACIO!




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