Crappy Abundance

Crappy Abundance

For quite sometime if not a little more that two decades or so, we were all sitting ducks to whatever a balding faggot quacked on tv.  For sometime too, he sounded credible enough as he maintained a respectable stature in a dog-eat-dog-regurgitate-dog to at least not bother our values among other sensitive matters.  But lately, BOY ABUNDA made himself his own hero while patronizing the gay community with his documented statements regarding pronouncements of the supposedly Vice Ganda’s ex-boyfriend basketball star TERRENCE ROMEO.   We simply cannot find wisdom with how Abunda reacted and the generic statement that came with it.  The cager’s father is said to have uttered : “Si Terrence talagang tinuturuan ko ’yan ng katuturan… Pinaiiwas ko siya sa mga bagay na hindi mabuti.”  to which Abunda ricocheted:  “If that (The elder Romeo’s statement) was a reference to gays, kayo po’y nagkakamali dahil… hindi po equivalent ang hindi mabuti sa pagiging bakla dahil that’s unfair…nakakasakit po ’yan sa amin. Ang sakit pakinggan.”  Funny but cretinous, Abunda could have simply stayed out of the picture dahil …first, he is not directly involved in the issue; secondly; there was NO gay bashing illusion to what the father said, it is a generalized thought that parents often tell whenever a child is in an uncomfortable situation.  Abunda’s seeming concern towards the LGBT sector is too offhand since we all fight our own wars without having to reference his crappy face.  I am sure the poor Romeo family have had it up to their throats and can only wish that talks that Terrence was actually the lover of Vice Ganda be buried somewhere in a lost unchartered island in the Pacific; hence the defense.  Abunda must have forgotten that Vice is high profile celebrity fag and anything about him is as malignant as cum stain on his cheek.  Let us presume that the Mr. Romeo is a homophobe.  So let him be.  Let him have his space.  Let him live with his opinions, only when he starts banging o shooting bakla in the street will he be criminally liable at may paglalagyan siya.  Magnifying the issue can only worsen the fact that in his long years in the business, Abunda has retained his being a cretin , but then let us just let him be… not just as the overrated label king of talk but as the King Of Idiot’s Wisdom!

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  1. He should not be too goody good shoes and needs to be tactful and have delicadeza. may be time for self reflection on some issues left alone

  2. Asar din ako jan sa hydrocephalic burn victim na yan na si Boy/Kokey! Kaya pag sya nasa TV eh lipat ko agad ang channel khit TV ad nya lng na ‘Proudly Kuripot!’

    Kaya Startalk pinapanood ko eh, hindi yang Buzzura na puro talsik-laway na mga hosts!

  3. anong katinuan naman kaya ang maaasahan sa isang baklang isinusubo ang notang isinasalpak sa puwet nyang mabaho? natural paikotikot lang ang mikrobyo sa sistema nya. #salaula

  4. Oh i’m sorry! my bad. my bad. i’ll be very careful with my pronouncements next time. Xenxia na po.

  5. cre·tin [kreet-n or, esp. British, kret-n]
    a person suffering from cretinism.
    a stupid, obtuse, or mentally defective person.

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