DARIUS BAYRON : The Next Most Important Hunk?

DARIUS BAYRON : The Next Most Important Hunk? [photo courtesy: Sherwin Cruz]

For almost 7 years, AliwanAvenue tries to uncover gems before they are polished.  Almost anonymous souls who glitter in the darkness of the backyard of mainstream showbiz.

Characters in the waiting , like fresh roses waiting to be plucked for the world to see.  This time, we just might have struck a goldmine !  A raw, unassuming soul who is taking the pageantry circuit with a strong determination to gather all odds out of his league.  DARIUS BAYRON may not  be ubiquitous enough for a screen name but nevertheless , it certainly strikes the haunting look he eases upon his photos.  Born Angelito Alcantara , some twenty years ago in Pakil , Laguna, Darius is fast becoming a regular in the Bikini Open industry.  Standing 5’8″ , he considers winning in the Lakan at Binibini ng Pagsanjan 2011, where he garnered 13 awards, a sign that he is indeed heeding to a call where a sense of belonging comes with oppurtunity and status enhancement.  When asked whether he had plans of becoming an actor, he insinuates that at the moment the offers he has been getting are roles that borders into the risqué scheme of the arts and he still has to be convinced whether or not he wishes to be remembered as such.  His exact words :”Pelikula po WALA pa po pero Marami na po nag-offer sa akin ng indie kaso po hindi ko lahat po pinapatulan pa,  kasi po hindi ko pa kaya mga pinagagawa akin kaya po hindi pa ako nakakagawa ng indie po” Well, that is indeed a straight and honest take on the offers, but then he might just be implying that he fears being exploited.  Which means that his values are well molded upon his pretty head.  At the moment , he busies himself with modelling  and bikini open stints while nurturing a dream of finishing a course and is enthusiastic that success is kind to those who fervently wish for it.  



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