Ricky Sandico : Now&Then

Ricky Sandico : Now&Then

His last film appearance was in 1982 as one of the frat guys on  Mike de Leon’s ‘BATCH81’ .  

RICKY SANDICO , very movie star-ish and bursting with acting potential decided to leave the showbiz coop and settled somewhere far away in a classy manner.  Classy, meaning there was no announcement or goodbyes ; he simply disappeared into the woodwork of a private life.  Later, as we would discover, he is now a successful executive in a country in Europe and no one is available to give further details if he is married or what.  One thing for sure is that he looks happy and wants to left alone. So be it.  Ricky also appeared in ‘Aguila’ , ‘High School Circa 65’, ‘Minsa’y Isang Gamugamo’ , ‘Boy Pana’ and ‘Alkitrang Dugo’, all powerhouse films of the 70s and very early 80s.

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