MARCIA ADAMS and Xixi Maturan

MARCIA ADAMS and Xixi Maturan

It wasn’t all that holy in Tagaytay City during the week that should have been.  All roads seemed to trek through the ridge and into places unknown in herds as if no one cared.

 Together with chummy friend Ino Amoyo who was too sweet to fetch me in Los Baños , we had to deal with all our stories and jokes just to live through the Sta. Rosa-Silang-Tagaytay  turtle stretch of all imaginable auto models. At least, at Popo San Pascual’s secret garden everything was peaceful and we had the whole place to ourselves! Although Ino had to rush back to Manila on a Good Friday night, I lingered and stayed till Sunday.  Saturday night dinner was fabulous.  It wouldn’t be anywhere else but at our longtime Ilongga friend Marcia , married to Neil Adams with two kids.  Popo had invited me the time she opened her kitchen to the public but it was just this opportune circumstance when I was able to visit her after a while.  Her restaurant is simply “MARCIA ADAMS‘ , if you click her name you will be brought to the Facebook account where you find the address, contact number and other details in case you plan to dine there soon.

Our Black Sabbath Dinner

Our Black Sabbath Dinner

Popo and I ordered the bestsellers of course : Porkchop like you’ve never had in your life ever and Beanstew… a beany dish of several kinds stewed to a ‘Marcia’ perfection!  To complete the course we also had gazpacho and a great green serving of salad that had a thousand and three flavors bursting your palate to pieces!  The ambience is always serene. Imagine yourself in Tuscany or Greece or even Batanes… a cozy respite from it all!  I am not elaborating on the dishes since I am not in my heart a fat old fag food critic even if I also cook ; I consider myself a stranger to the better layers of delicious preparations of food that I may or may not have partook in all my almost diamond years in this planet.  You get the drift? So now, when you are to visit the breezy city , do not forget to give MARCIA ADAMS a call for a reservation.

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