Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana was a college crush.  I would secretly watch ‘AnnaLiza’ just to get a glimpse of him and my whole week is done. As a matter of fact, I searched far and wide just to find a common mortal who looked like him.

I found only two, and one was even seriously his namesake.  My relationships with those guys were shortlived and merely carnal.  I felt that I was fooling myself and was making taksil to PJ.  I never was jealous of Leni Santos [who became his loveteam] because in my heart she was purely for showbiz purposes.  Then I grew up.  I went for real people and joined the corporate world which eventually made me forget him.  Then a few years back, while surfing I found that Delia Razon’s grand daughter was his own! Gosh, my anak pala kami ni PJ! I readily supported the young CARLA and treated her as my own daughter. Sick no? Well, after a while she has become a precious property of GMA7 [I repeat: calling GMA7 the ‘kapuso’ network is gross and patronizing without benefits… ] while starring as lead in almost all her tv projects.  She was once pitted against co-network star Marian Rivera which eventually died down since Carla is young and fresh while the former is kinda old and has a mischievous streak upon her mistizang bangus face.  Of late, I heard that PJ’s baby is Grandmother Lily Monteverde’s  favorite.  Opo, ang tamang tawag na ngayon sa dating ‘mother Lily’ ay ‘grandmother Lily’ because she looks like a hundred years old na. Choz.  Carla is a certified Regal baby now and even if her films with the production are box office sleepers, kese lang. Produce pa rin nang produce si grandmother perhaps for the simple reason of ‘gusto lang nya’.  Now that they are drumbeating the theatrical release of Abellana’s latest starrer, they also did not forget to parallel the film’s story [which is about a boy and girl who meet after their respective lovers leave them]  with her personal life.  She  declared recently that her longtime boyfriend Geoff Eigenmann have called it quits.  Maraming drama ang inilahad ni Carla [with matching tears]  but then wala talaga tayong mahihitang matinong dahilan bakit nila kailangang maghiwalay.  I can give you a reason : this is a desperate ploy to generate curiosity and hopefully entice people to watch her ‘SO IT’S YOU’ film  and make it a bit luckier than her past outings with Regal.  Am I excited with SIY? Not really.  The trailer is pale and I can sense that poor Carla is trying to pull a Toni Gonzaga trick ; a trick that is no longer viable since Toni is cockeyed and she is not.  So it’s your decision whether to watch it or just sit it out on a bench in a dark alley waiting for someone who looks just like her father! Ano raw? 



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