Now. Just what is ‘holy’? ARDictionary replies :

Holy 1

Definition: Set apart to the service or worship of God; hallowed; sacred;reserved from profane or common use; holy vessels; a holy priesthood. 

Is holiness still alive in this time and age?  How do we set ourselves apart from being unholy?  These two questions are what we should ponder upon as we swim into this Lent time of the year.  Although it may seem simple now after 2000+ years of Jesus Christ’s incarnation; we cannot deny the fact that we are still searching for the meaning of it all.  But then , what is the importance of introspection when there is more of the perceived evil in our society than a reality of goodness among us?  Furthermore, there are even a thousand fold questions to answer before we can even scratch the surface of realization.  I guess, we should merely lessen our appetite for malice and dwell upon better intentions than those we deem to be good ones.  Let’s face it, life is a search and with the journey we should be equipped with tact, emotion and faith on the unknown.  Even with the advent of sophisticated technology and the rise of corruptible cretins, we still are not certain where we all came from.  There are no tangible proofs to speak of, much less a first hand experience that indeed we can trace the beginning of all the wonders  we are part of.  A simple ingredient to make our life acceptable until  our last breath : LOVE… LOVE… and keep on LOVING.

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