Life becomes a series of inane events when the lead actress strays away from a norm where logic precede  fortuitous events and she runs through the sunset smiling.

 That is exactly [or so , as perceived] what is happening to Claudine Barretto, who after waging war against the world [which include her estranged husband and some sibling] is back into the grimelight via her latest tweets scooped by sicko-s and magnified into a national issue eclipsing Kristek in a half-breath.  Allegedly [or as the tweets go], a household staff is plotting murder by poison on her and her children [1 adopted/1 by Raymart Santiago].  Then she goes pointing at Santiago as the main culprit. She is spouting  rabid allegations that can put her into the center of a vat of legal suits but she does not care.  If there is indeed any truth to this, wouldn’t it be proper to have it thoroughly investigated first and let news leak from elsewhere instead of social media?  Why in the hell will I let strangers prepare food  for me and my family when I am a person with an acute exacerbation of schizophrenia featuring paranoid delusions? Dapat hindi na ako aasa pa sa iba upang pangalagaan ang aking pamilya para sa kapanatagan ng aming buhay.  It is quite amazing that some people subscribe to Barretto’s uncalled for tweets for attention.  Ignoring her will keep her at bay with herself and her demons without having to bother the rest of this blogger who is always wishing for world peace early every mownin! Touché!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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