Glaucomic Curve : SIBLING DISARRAY

FotoCredit: Xixi Maturan as 'Kuya Goy' in Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez' "Ang Mga Kidnaper Ni Ronnie Lazaro" [2013]

FotoCredit: Xixi Maturan as ‘Kuya Goy’ in Sigfreid Barros-Sanchez’ “Ang Mga Kidnaper Ni Ronnie Lazaro” [2013]


There are matters in the life of celebrities that are not of public concern.  How they are inside their private abode is definitely something that deserves to be their own.

But when really big stars are involved all things go haywire and everyone wants a piece of the beat.  Just like this very confidential fracas involving showbiz siblings… Brother and sister.  They are currently at a situation where the brother is not talking to the sister [and their mom].  The reason? Meddling.  Meddling is an intrusion that is seldom forgivable.  Even for a justifiable reason. When the actor [a former teen star, now a great character actor] found out that his teenage son was taking his studies lightly to the extent of flunking his subjects big time; the former made sure that the kid received a punishment he will never forget and this was to stop schooling for a while , stay home [he stays with his lola] and ponder on his future.  But , the auntie [a big star] , suddenly comes to the rescue and without consulting her brother, lets the boy enroll and continue with his studies.  The gesture terribly bruised the brother’s ego since he was trying to discipline his son in every subtle way he can.  When he discovers what his sister [and mother] had done he decides not to deal with them at the moment but has been vocal about his displeasure with what they have done.  Meddling is the word.  There are things that we should just let go and respect…

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