Anne Curtis : Who Gives A HIK????

Anne Curtis : Who Gives A HIK????


Some malicious tongues are wagging out again with the latest ANNE CURTIS non-glamorous circumstance allegedly with her baby sister’s lovey-dovey Sam Concepcion.

In a loose but kinda gathered tale, when Anne encountered Sam at Vice Ganda’s birthday bash held at the high-end Gramercy ekbam, she did not mince her words and gave a load of offensive lines pertaining to his being there and his having a relationship with Jasmine Curtis-Smith.  Again, her network followed her trail to hush up the whole matter, but Sam is nonchalant about it.  Meaning, he is not denying or confirming the incident.  Apparently, the Dyesebel star drunk like a fish [i love the pun here] and lost it again.  If my lone body louse remembers it right, Anne was also lasheeeng {hik!} when she battered some people [including co-lashinggo JLC] at Prive a fews moons back.  Well, Anne may be nice and all when she’s sober but she takes on a fierce character when inebriated and wage a private war with her own demons.   I am not a psychologist but this is a simple case of a lost girl stranded in an unchartered island where people beg for breeding and not food.  People who lose it after a few doses of alcohol are jologs on their way to harm if they do not stay away from cocktail parties.  Is she the female version of Baron Giesler?  Well, frankly puede!  Kalokah, since they are both Filaussie [gusto nyo ang coinage?], me ganurn? Back to the Sam Concepcion issue, the fat-mouthed actress has been privately vocal about her being against the relationship.  Kesyo her sister is too young; kesyo hindi sila bagay among other reasons a protective elder sister is entitled to, but making bastos to him at a high profile party is totally another hole to cover! Click this for an ALIWAN AVENUE post on Jasmine & Sam.


  1. Talagang maangas si Anne Curtis. pa tweetams sugary peppery ang ugali base on my readings on other news. mapagkunwari sa harap ng tao, but in private balahura ang ugali. walang secreto na hindi lalabas especially if one acts crude, rude and mapanghiya. she probably feels that her popularity gives her licence to misbehave and loses her p’s and q’s when drunk. not all the time she will be tolerated. pag me nakatapat sia at pinatulan baka matauhan. popularity is time measured and forever. when she loses her shine baka saan iyan pulitin and if no changes are seen madaling malaos.

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