Vice & Ejay : Playing Orgasmic Music Together

Vice & Ejay : Playing Orgasmic Music Together


There has been a bit of mass hysteria as to who VICE GANDA is romancing.  Suddenly it has been a global concern for some absurd reason we may never be able to fathom until the next century.

Why are people so curious as to whose face [and dick]  is Vice Ganda sucking? Would it alleviate poverty and strike the word ‘hunger’ from the dictionary?  We really shouldn’t care unless of course we were running a syndicated rumor-mongering machine that feed on vulture leftovers strewn around as crap.  But then, for the fag’s legionary, it is a breath of life for them to bid the world goodnight with the thought that their idol’s status is ‘in a relationship’.  Although his horse-face has declared on several tv occasions that they are not an item ; it is obvious that he is reversing for a simple reason : convenience.  Convenience from not having to deal with a lot of questions.  Convenience from not being mocked and intrigued by narrow minded bitches in the industry; convenience of having to be within the peripherals of a mysterious love affair.  Will Vice Ganda ever declare his love for Ejay Falcon in the near future.  NOPE.  If ever [a declaration] it’ll just be part of a memoir to be published when he is long gone.   A public announcement will simply derail a career path for the guy ; the public being judgmental and all will never give him the end of it.  Keeping mum and silent will subtly put the love relationship aside and be forgotten after a while or will surface when they break up.  So for the meantime, let us just pretend that we do not know that Vice and Ejay share more intimate time together and wallow in a valley of bliss and orgasm while we all go about with our own!


  1. Totoo ito, mismong kapatid ni Vice na si Emma ang nagsabi sa amin dito sa NY. We’re so happy for both of them pero kung kailangang ideny, it’s their prerogative. Cheers!

  2. Hindi kasama si ejay sa new York ang team vice Lang ang pumunta don binisita nila ang ate Emma ni vice, while may meet&greet si ejay sa mga ibang ejaysters globies at pumunta ng las Vegas….. Gusto nyo ng proof? Bumalik ang team vice sa CA day b4 sa last 2 shows nila then Monday balik pinas na sila…… 4 ang shows ni vice and ejay after sa first 2 shows my 1 week silang pahinga at yon ang time na pumuntang Vegas si ejay kasama ang ilang ejaysters globies while si vice or team vice pumnta sa ny…..

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