Ryza Mae's Parents Should Sue Lolit Solis!

Ryza Mae’s Parents Should Sue Lolit Solis!

Some media figures should be very cautious with what comes out of their trap.  Dapat laging nasa tamang pag-iisip ang sarili kapag sumasalang sa kamera at mikropono na bumubrodkas worldwide.  Hindi dahilan kung sino ka pa man o kung isang LOLIT SOLIS ka.  You should always make sure that what you say implies thoroughly what is in your mind.  Yesterday while I was comfortably munching the last Lola Titay’s rosquillos I brought from Cebu and watching STARTALK; bigla akong napahibik nang sabihin ni Lolit na ‘Kapag lumaking maganda si Ryza Mae malamang ay liligawan siya ni Bossing [Vic Sotto]’.  This remark was made while they [she and her faggot cohosts] were taunting [yes, taunting is the precise term] guest co-host Pauleen Luna about her relationship with geriatric comedian Vic Sotto.  They were pressing for her to reveal any wedding plans in the near future since the episode featured relationships & marital status changes of several celebs [which included the nakawiwindang-ang-fez-at-wala-namang-career na si Jimboy and his lover].  Nonchalantly Solis made a demeaning remark, like if they [Luna & Sotto] did not march the aisle sooner than NEVER; malamang raw that if Ryza Mae grew up to be maganda, liligawan siya ni Bossing. A remark that implies [and INSINUATES] two insane things :  That, RYZA MAE IS PANGET and VIC SOTTO is a PEDOPHILE.  Well, this could be taken in jest and soon enough would be forgotten as one of Solis’ distastefulness with herself and the world but then, this could leave a mark on the very young Dizon.  Her parents can sue the tactless reporter/talent manager/host for such remark since it is totally uncalled for and abusive for that matter.  Paging Atty. Mallonga!

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