UPDATE/ Official Statement of Mrs. Nina Zaldua-Raymundo, Lance’s Mom: Last Wednesday March 19, 2014 at 10am my son had a freak accident at the gym (name of the gym withheld upon my sons request), an approximately 80 lbs. metal barbel fell on his face while he was laying down on his back at the bench press. The person who was assisting him on his workout accidentally dislodged the barbel on top of Lance’s face when he leaned forward. Lance sustained multiple facial bone fractures, totally crushing his nose and middle face. Luckily with God’s grace his skull and his neck were spared as injuring those two parts would have been fatal. Lance will undergo 2 major reconstructive facial procedures. The first one tentatively set on Tuesday, March 25 and the next approximately 2-3 weeks after, and the doctors gave assurance that Lance’s face will be 100% restored. 1. To all producers, casters, production houses, movie outfits and directors with whom Lance have contractual obligations would be safe to estimate that he will be out of commission for 3 months. If he recovers sooner than that we will publicly advise. 2. Being a public figure Lance would like this unfortunate incident that he encountered to serve as a warning and a safety reminder to everyone who goes to the gym to practice extra precaution and give 100% focus to avoid similar accident in the future. 3. We, our family and Lance would like to thank all the kind souls who voluntarily brought him in the emergency room and stayed with him until I arrived, particularly Paolo and Butch. 4. We will continuously update everyone. 5. Thank you to everyone who has been praying for my son, please continue to pray for his wellness. 6. Lance would personally thank everyone who has been sending him good wishes through SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Each and every message are being read to him, but he is unable to respond he is advised not to strain his eyes. 7. God Bless you all.

DEVELOPMENT ON THIS STORY… On his FB wall Lance Raymundo posted this at around 7:40p : Hello Friends of Wolf!!! I know the news must have already been slowly spreading around my circle so I thought I’d make this general post. I was in a freak accident this morning and I’ll be out of commission for around two weeks as I’ll be needing surgery. Nothing too serious but I broke my nose and possibly a few other facial bones .. so that’s about all that needs to get repaired. The rest of my Body is perfectly fine, really 100 percent unharmed!! Nothing that can’t be restored, so don’t worry, directors, agents, family, friends & people who love me! Of course, it would be awesome if u can say a prayer for me! 

ORIGINAL POST : Just as I was slowly unpacking my luggage and putting my thoughts into chronological boxes for a sweet post of my Cebu-Bohol sojourn sometime late this week, I am suddenly agitated and not without worry when I receive an unwelcome group text message from Shandii Bacolod. Unwelcome because it contained a bothering note.  MSB is requesting for prayers for the quick recovery of  talent LANCE RAYMUNDO who was rushed to the hospital at mid-day after figuring in an accident.  Sorry but we cannot give details of the unfortunate event at the moment;  but suffice to say that Lance is conscious and is receiving premium treatment from an undisclosed medical facility.  Raymundo, who is very visible nowadays is all set to do several indie films and  is currently rehearsing a passion play where he plays Jesus Christ.  Get well soon, LANCE!

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