GlaucomiCurve : The Merman Is Really A Mermaid!

xixitwinsaliwanaveAlmost all of us pinky ladies have this passion of becoming a mermaid.  How it would possibly feel to be a sea creature to freely swim the depths of the blue is an obsession quite hard to flick off our lashes.  But then, we all settle down once we realize that there has never been a proof that indeed sirenas exist in our midst or far into the languorous secret islands charted only in our dreams.  Well, we can all make believe and live in a fantasy HD flatscreen world [or if you still can tolerate the boobtube, well and good and be happy for your jologness. jologness? hahaha] flapping away those fake fishy tails and concealed mashed-up breasts! And while we’re at it, fantasize further that one mestizong tilapia who will be cavorting at sea as a sireno [not related to the SC chief!] is really a mestizong bangus!  There really has been talks of his real sexual preference since the day  kleighs hit his face on a reality show.  He ended there as one of the runners up and got around the network’s gig.  But then, you cannot hide a stinky sock up your sleeve , so here are some additional ‘proofies’ regarding his travail as a gay person : 1. He  parties with men [and wildly] ; 2. He once was a habitue of a pink place where he would parade his Swiss boyfriend; 3. He is an easy catch… if you’re caucasian enough, good-lookin’ and straight talkin’ , he is yours!  Sorry, flimsy-whimsy-limpish-screamish-faggies… wala kayo sa listahan! Choz!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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