FangLaHeyHey : Sauteèd Chayote Tops & Dulong

sauteedchayotealiwanaveChayote or Sayote tops are enjoyed as the leafy part of various dishes like mongo, sinigang, nilaga or as salad and with bagoong.  But then, there is its ginisa version with ground meat [pork/beef/chicken] that has always been a favorite of mine.  This time, after enjoying my home made GINISANG DULONG SA OLIVE OIL [as a side dish], and finding a verdant bunch of talbos ng sayote in the palengke ; I thought of using my prepared dulong in lieu of the lethal meat variant.  So all I did was, make gisa to the usual onions, garlic and tomatoes. Then, drop in four or five tablespoons of olive oiled dulong ; put in the sayote tops ; sprinkle in some katamtamang patis to taste and top it off with pamintang durog.  Add a little water to sauce it up while tossing the greens and presto… a simple but healthy dish is at my table!  My lolah sure loved it kasi healthy and super tasty! Try it this kwaresma season for the whole family!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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