Karylle/Yael/Vice : A Matter of A Sick Triangle

Karylle/Yael/Vice : A Matter of A Sick Triangle


It may come as a sick promotion for their noontime gig, but Vice Ganda has released inside information about the real meat of contention regarding his feud with co-host Karylle.  It allegedly all started when Karylle gave a lame excuse for not attending the faggot star’s victory party of ‘GirlBoyBaklaTomboy’ film.  Then slipped in IS another angle which involves Karylle’s broom, este groom-to-be Yael Yuson.  In a loose kinda talk, Vice supposedly got wind that Yael was not comfortable with the echos-echos Vice-Karylle loveteam brewed up for some laughs in the show.  ZsaZsa’s dawster even volunteered kuno that any moment her boyfriend might cook up a rage in the show.  Faggy got quite hurt with this development since klows-klowsan naman daw sila with Karylle Tatlonghari and he cannot accept the fact that Yael, who appears to be nice naman violently reacts to the playtime tandem.  Is Yael homophobic or merely Vicegandaphobic?  Why all of a sudden is he dragged into an unsavory issue a little before his wedding with K?  Or all we all being enticed to watch IT’S SHOWTIME and wait for some sparks or sparkles between Vice and Karylle?  Your guess is NOT as good as mine! Choz.

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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