Goodbye TADO... Heal VHONG... Well Hello Again Wally!

Goodbye TADO… Heal VHONG… Well Hello Again Wally!

I’ve been quite myself lately. I did not readily take issues at hand and tapped on this blog.  I was quite saddened with the sudden demise of Arvin Jimenez [aka TADO] , totally numbing and unacceptable.  But then, such is life it can only be as good as your last breath… so on we go.  I first noticed his rather ultra-Malay features and eccentric ways in an indie TV show called ‘StrangeBrew’, this was way before cable came to our not-so-isolated village and we had to install remote-controlled antennas to align with Manila stations.  But UHF channel UNTV was cool, it was clear and never fuzzy.  So I had a grand time getting assaulted by TADO’s [and the show’s] humor which was kickass and jackass in one whole brown package.  He then went on to go reluctantly mainstream, which was understandable since I soon found out that he was an activist and a supporter of several sociofriendly advocacies.  He may not have really got into the superstar status that Rene Requiestas reached before his death, but he has embraced a wider respect from his peers and fans.  TADO will be sorely missed…

VHONG NAVARRO on the other hand has been seen as frequently as you can take during the weekend.  His ‘panda’ face pasted on screen drenched in tears and gobbledygook.  He has been generously saying sorry to his pendeha girlfriend which is not really our business.  He is allowing himself to be exposed as a guilty victim of sorts since to this day, news [and inteviews] never shed light on WHY he was easily lured into the lair of Cornejo.  So, it now surfaces that hadn’t he figured in such a fiasco he would have been romancing every bimbo in town.  Although public sympathy may still be on his scale , he may not be very lucky in the next few days when unseen hands pull strings and turn his world upside down… which of course hopefully won’t happen but then you are in the Philippines !

WALLY BAYOLA’s celebrated return to the now bland noontime show EatBULAGA! may have given them a slight push but frankly, they should have just let him out to pasture.  Wally has sorely painted himself as a loose , distasteful pervert who did not respect his person, his family and this nation when he allowed himself to be in a sex video which was easily downloaded.  He may have to have marble determination to weather the shots sicko Joey de Leon will be hurling at him from thence on. His apology looked like he was just saying sorry for being tardy.  It may have been better if he merely sashayed right through without  reminding  televiewers to forgive him.  Forgive him for exposing his teenie-weenie dicky? Forgive him for looking like a fart and having the stupid girl regurgitate his eowww? Now… only in the Philippines.  Goodluck … this is truly a rating game and recalling a pervert back to the show may or may not work as you wish!

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