XIXI MATURAN's Selfie Collage

XIXI MATURAN’s Selfie Collage

It is totally harmless.  Have a decent phone, reverse camera while holding it right on your face , shoot then post it on your social media accounts.  That simple. That’s SELFIE.  It may be a craze now but soon it will be just a part of our daily routine. It also has been noticed by the DDs [dunong-dunongans] ; the WMs [walang magawas] ; TLs [tanga langs] and they have been vocal in their alarming pronouncements regarding the prevalence of such deed.  People of the dying church, practitioners of shrinkage and media morons are even adamant that it is a syndrome while condemning it as a narcissistic act.  I myself am guilty , so are most people in the modern world.  At the moment mobile phone companies released the onphone-camera model, the first thing that a buyer did was to shoot himself.  That’s a fact for how will you know if the product worked on faces?  Or simply said, isn’t that a natural thing to do? Handy camera + face = selfie.  A basic trivial equation that is of a  personal [or intimate] concern.  It takes a long shot to determine whether or not a selfie shooter is a psychosociopath, therefore it is cretinous to analyze or better still give shitty alarming statements.  A SELFIE is a simple chore of grooming much like looking at one’s self on the mirror.  The better thing it does is that it freezes the moment and you document your current appearance.  Then, to remind you of that moment [which may become habitual], you post it on your SM accounts for your family and friends to see how you recently look like.  The photo will speak a million words describing you physically, emotionally, spiritually, economically and all the ‘ally’ you can think of.  So enough of these SELFIE BASHINGs and to those who actively campaign against it please shoot yourself… not with your camera phone but with a real gun… nakaaabala na kasi ang presence nyo sa matinong mundo!

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