barbiegwenThey are a perfect foil to each other’s charm.  One is laidback and demure and the other vampy .  BARBI ALMALBIS and GWEN GARCI may belong to different sides of  the showbiz world, they sure cut through as clones of some sort.  Barbi is a singer and Gwen , a sexy star.  Barbi has been strumming her guitar for sometime now while Gwen is neither there or here.  I noticed their similarity when I mistook Barbi for Gwen in a milk commercial the former did with an obese actress/singer.  It was for sometime and repeated viewing of the said tv ad did I realize that she was actually Barbi who is now happily married to a son of Senator Gringo Honasan.  Perhaps its the attitude of their chin that slices through among other similarities on the optic and aura levels.

Mag-iwan ng Tugon

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