DENIECE CORNEJO : Epitome of a Wanna-Be

DENIECE CORNEJO : Epitome of a Wanna-Be 

Netizens and fans of ‘It’s Showtime’ host Vhong [pronounced Vu-Hong] Navarro literally crap on their faces to defile the lady who is said [or allegedly] caused the facial hematoma and broken cartilages now being nursed by the former.  The lady, named DENIECE  MILINETTE CORNEJO , an aspiring actress/model is currently under fire and apple of the ire of people who do not even know her.  Accusations are carelessly being hurled against her person together with a certain Cedric Lee who according to reports officiated the mauling incident.  Funny as it may seem [Vhong is also a comedian] but this is no laughing matter.  This is merely a display of media supremacy since Navarro is an employee [or talent, in perfumed terms] of a large local network that can sway your judgment as quickly your rectal muscles relaxes for a drop.  I am pretty sure that some of these blind mice will suffer stress by merely hating a person they do not even know.  Why not be subjective and look at the matter as a piece of news if you are not directly related to Vhong?  Then ask yourselves these questions : 1. Why was Vhong at the condo in the first place?  2. Is Vhong a Lothario of sorts? 3. Is Vhong that gullible to be easily lured into places for carnal pleasures?  4. Is Vhong a sex-addict?  If  and when you can readily give infallible information on these questions; then let us elevate our thoughts to a higher degree of understanding.  Blindly judging people can deliberately give you a disease without knowing it has.  Hating Deniece at this point is beyond progressive thinking.  We should take Deniece with a grain of peppered salt to spice our curiosity towards stratospheric heights.  She wants fame and is working for it and while she is getting the flak we are unconsciously giving her space to go where she intends us to lead her to.  Why not just let gravity take its course?  Magkasingkapal lang ang mga kalyo’t mukha nating lahat at the end of the day!


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