Xixi Maturan as Klit Akinyo

Xixi Maturan as Klit Akinyo

We as a people will never tire finding ways to entertain ourselves. We may not rank high as the happiest in the world but at least we can comfortably say that we are the ‘spiciest’ and most creative race in the planet.  While surfing , I bumped on Neri Naig’s FB account and since she is on a ‘public’ mode I was able to browse through her updates and found this rather amusing share from ‘Klentoy C Ako‘.  It bespeaks of a generalized reality between the privileged and the financially-challenged youth of our time:


Rich Kid: iPhone
POOR Kid: iPon

Sa Facebook..
RICH KID: Works at *Insert name of one of the largest company*
POOR KID: Works at Edi Sa Puso Mo.

Rich Kid: Mag-uupload ng selfie, thousands ang likes.
Poor Kid: Mag-uupload ng selfie, icha-chat ang lahat para ilike.

*Nahulog ang candy*
RICH KID: I’ll buy another one.
POOR KID: Wala pang 5 seconds.

Sa Starbucks..
Rich Kid: 1 PHOTO
Poor Kid: 1 ALBUM

Sa isang basketball game..
Rich kid: Takes out Gatorade.
Poor kid: Pinagpapasa-pasahan ang ice water.

Rich Kid: iTunes
Poor Kid: Youtube Converter

Rich Kid: Forever 21
Poor Kid: Forever suot

Rich Kid: Camera 360, Retrica, Instagram
Poor Kid: PIZAP

RICH KID: Babe, Sweetheart, Honey
POOR KID: B3nTed0sZ q0h, tr3Sz, un0, sHyeT3, b3nT3 qUaHtr0h qH, mHiN3.

RicH kid: “I love you, sweetheart!”
Poor kid: “iqKaw lan6 szapat nua!”

Rich Kid: “McSpicy” Spice up your day!
Poor Kid: “Angel’s Burger” Sa unang kagat, tinapay lahat!

Rich Kid: French Kiss
Poor Kid: Laplapan

“Pero sa totoo , minsan mas may silbi pa ang mga POOR KID kaysa sa mga RICH KID”

Agree or Disagree? Hahahaha!

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