KC : Kasi Concepcion?

KC : Kasi Concepcion?

We are not really sure what is grinding inside her pretty head but KC CONCEPCION manages to stir a bit of [paid] curiosity every time she decides to make an announcement.  It has reached even ChiriritMisomiso , a selective fan and basically oblivious to the ways of showbiz that KC is leaving the country reportedly for an ‘educational’ reason.  This , in the midst of wild talks that she is sour over not getting the plum role of a mermaid [although let’s face it, she IS much, much fresh looking than the bilasa choice of the network!] and the way her acting wasn’t acknowledged [as expected]  as Boy Golden’s girl in the last MMFF awards.  Honestly? These are mere talks.  Of course, the megadaughter is aware that she is nothing but a lackluster star trapped in a web of compromise to be in the industry.  For one, we all remember her as a chubby little Gabby Concepcion who was born with golden spoon and forks in her mouth.  We all know that she is well taken cared of so whatever showbiz ambitions she nurtures is something that we won’t take seriously.  Of course she has been given the breaks and her acting is fair enough [and much, much better than Kris A.] and she registers very well on screen [again, di hamak na isang daang milyang layo naman sa gandang tokwa ni Kris A.] . So why are we comparing her with Kris A.? Well, it’s for the simple principle of ‘damay-damay’ lang; since without their parents we would have had the luxury of not knowing them!  KC’s name is another pitfall.  Parang defunct pop FM radio lang ang dating… or pinaigsing “KASI”.  Had she been launched as CASSANDRA CONCEPCION, her star would have been a bit brighter than it is today.  She has also been flaunting her skin here and there but it only magnified the fact that she has ZERO sex appeal.  Perhaps the best that she can do for herself now is to totally resign from this insane local entertainment industry ; hitch a wagon somewhere in Hollywood and perhaps things will be bit promising!

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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