Ogie Alcasid : Afflicted With a Mysterious Star Syndrome

Ogie Alcasid : Afflicted With a Mysterious Star Syndrome

Nobody can really say this on his face.  OGIE ALCASID is too proud to accept the fact that his decision to move out of the comforts of GMA7 and herald his entrance to TV5 was a bomb.  A bomb that has exploded right on his pixie face.  This is the perfect of example of the damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t principle. He got damned. Obviously his charm has dwindled and even the show with Megastar Sharon Cuneta is said to have stopped taping episodes.  His supposedly ‘big’ teleserye has been shelved in some dead garage and the comedy show [never mind the title] has lost even to canned laughter.  Just what is the matter with Herminio, Jr.?  Well, this must be the manifestation of a fake artist plunged indecisively into the business and given an illusion of truth.  Let’s face it. He has never been funny and his songs are transpositions of chords and thoughts of songs of yore.  We should all be wary of this type of artists emerging in our midst, right on the bud they should be nipped and given alternatives away from the screaming lights of entertainment!

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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