Kim Chiu

Kim Chiu

Instead of drumming up the merits of her soon to be shown film ‘BRIDE FOR RENT’  ,  lead star Kim Chiu crapped right on the mediocre offering’s presscon.  Some retirable female reporter asked about her offscreen relationship with Xian Lim, her leading man ; she nonchalantly replied that they do not owe them [anyone] her [their] private life.  The unexpected [or expected?] answer from the seemingly sweet tubercolitic [as in mukhang may TB] star shook the room like an earthquake for its blatant lack of respect for the occasion.  Actually they had it coming or they should have known better that Kim is not known to have had breeding.  They should also have realized that she is still much in love with Gerald Anderson and from the looks of it all, she is still waiting for him to reconcile with her.  They did not also surmise that after having had an affair with a macho guy, she won’t readily shack up with a bayot.  But then, Kim could have answered the question with the following choices :  1. HINDI pa po kami… bakla po si Xian!  2. YES, kami na po ni Xian… lesbian na po ako! 3. Wow naman po, kayo po , sa akala nyo papatulan ko ang isang mas maganda pa sa akin? 4. Pag-iisipan ko po ng two weeks ang tanong nyo and I’ll get back to you!   Que barbaridad.  Early on, Xian himself made a scene when Jobert Sucaldito asked the similar question. So, dapat ang title ng movie nila ay ‘BREEDING FOR RENT’ , just for the lack of it!

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