The Ballad Of Korina Sanchez : OFF THE AIR!

Korina Sanchez : GOOD RIDDANCE!

Korina Sanchez : GOOD RIDDANCE!

Last Saturday , online feeds informed me that a certain KORINA SANCHEZ has been relieved from her radio board duties as host of ‘Rated K’.  Speculations and innuendos ran high that this was a repercussion of the bashing she did on CNN’s ace reporter Anderson Cooper calling the latter a liar.  But wait.  That just might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  According to several listeners of the said station, Sanchez was almost always absent ; meaning she had other more important things to do rather than blabber her inanities on air.  She has also been critiqued for repeatedly calling financially challenged kababayans as ‘MAHIHIRAP‘ in a demeaning tone.  Her conduct as a commentator is way beyond tolerable as she dabbles with some anger and volleys back with some repulsive pakyut-ness.  There were also times when while on a patch, she would ask the people on the other end to repeat what they said which means that she wasn’t listening first on. To boost listenership , she had this moronic game where she’d ask a question and let her audience text the answer ; winners will be raffled as ‘texter number ____’ according to her [or her staff’s whim].  The game title was even dumber : ‘LIBRENG PERA’.  She was one intolerable voice on morning radio who continuously reminded us that indeed she represented the shadiest side of life with a thousand and three secrets while trying to convince us that everything was well somewhere out of this planet!  Good riddance.  Perhaps when and if ABSCBN eases her out completely will we find her pathetic enough to take back as a reminder of how gullible a country can be.  Word has it that she is back to school for whatever coquettish reason, but then do we really care?

By eklavumer Posted in 2Cents

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