sinulog14Wish I might, wish I may… I wish to wake up tomorrow in Cebu City just in time for the SINULOG festival!  This is the hottest yearly festival ever and I still have to attend one but may not be able [again] this year.  It is celebrated annually on the 3rd Sunday of January and as everyone who has witnessed it , it has by far the happiest mood ever!  I was in Cebu City last August to celebrate my birthday and I guess that is enough for this period’s travel to the south [I also visited Mindanao; particularly CDO & Bukidnon last April].  Anyway, I will be there in spirit and my good friend Julius Manahan or CHOP to his listeners on HomeRadio 106.7 Cebu has these tips to  sustain  the smoothest fiesta mode ever :

1.) Mango Ave. is the best block party.
2.) Baseline/Sideline is the second best block party.
3.) Get a henna tattoo.
4.) Buy drinks before Sunday: Massive price hike on last day. ( Optional hahaha )
5.) Bring paint.
6.) Don’t get mad when you get wet. The point of the festival is not
to be clean. If you’re clean, it means you’re not having fun.
7.) Wear white shirt, shorts (retiring and old) and some good flops.
8.) Make friends.
9.) Get hotels in the Fuente Osmena area. This is where the party’s
10.) Best of all, have fun. Remember, you’re in the Philippines..
why would you be here if you did not plan to enjoy yourself?

Catch CHOP IN THE MORNING on Cebu’s HomeRadio106.7 ; 6-9a.

For The Sinulog Festival Schedule Visit : SINULOG2014

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